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February 1, 201907:11 AM
Seeking a legal assistant with 3-5 years of personal injury experience. Bi-lingual applicants are preferred. Salary…
September 27, 201807:54 AM
September 27, 201807:16 AM
I-395 signature bridge bringing illuminated park downtown
April 30, 201803:18 PM
Florida #NursingHomes now permanently required to have generators to power A/C:…
April 29, 201803:18 PM
There’s always a chance to start over. The only question is: Will you brave enough to get started?
April 27, 201803:18 PM
April 26, 201803:18 PM
You know they could have done more, but your loved one passed on without proper care.
See if you have a…
April 25, 201803:17 PM
#DidYouKnow? The weight of your average motor vehicle is about 2.5 tons, while a tractor-trailer can weigh 40 tons,…
April 24, 201803:16 PM
#SexualAssault is an inexcusable and heinous crime.
It’s time to take action and prevent future attacks, for victi…
April 23, 201803:13 PM
It may be weeks or months before the #FBI reveals exactly how it bungled ominous tips about Parkland school shooter…
April 22, 201803:12 PM
A change in perspective is sometimes all it takes to turn a bad situation into a blessing.
#Inspiration #InjuryLaw…
April 20, 201803:11 PM
A collision avoidance system might have prevented or lessened the severity of a 2016 crash between a tractor-traile…
April 19, 201803:10 PM
Security measures should always be taken to ensure your safety, no matter the establishment that you’re visiting.…
April 18, 201803:09 PM
Nationwide, #falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of vis…
April 17, 201803:09 PM
There is no excuse for #NursingHomeNegligence.
When we entrust the care of our loved one’s to these establishments…
April 16, 201803:08 PM
April 15, 201803:08 PM
If it wasn’t working for you yesterday, it won’t work today!
Is today the day that you will claim justice?…
April 13, 201803:07 PM
#Construction Concerns Aren’t Just For #FridayThe13th! Here’s How Often You Should Clear Walking and #Working Surfa…
April 12, 201803:07 PM
I’ve made it my mission to help #AccidentInjury victims get the recovery and help that they need.
Even when it’s a…
April 11, 201803:07 PM
#DidYouKnow that #CrimeStatistics play a huge role in determining security negligence?
See what the stats are in y…
April 10, 201803:04 PM
As a pedestrian, you may have more rights than you know!
See if you’ve got a case today with Borrow Law:…
April 9, 201803:03 PM
#Miami bridge collapse puts spotlight on rapid building technique:
#Accidents #Miami…
April 8, 201803:03 PM
You can stress over bills, lost paychecks and your injuries, or you can get compensated for your damages. Which wou…
April 6, 201803:03 PM
This New Bill would allow video camera monitors in nursing home rooms:
April 5, 201803:02 PM
Even when it wasn’t your fault, #CarAccidents can still have a way of disrupting your daily life.
If you’re strugg…
April 4, 201802:57 PM
#DidYouKnow? Pressure Ulcers, Hospital Injuries, Objects left in from Surgery and Infections, account for one out o…
April 3, 201802:11 PM
With Borrow Law by your side, a #SlipAndFall won’t keep you down for long!
Talk to us to get the compensation that…
April 2, 201804:40 PM
Rise of the robots!
After #Uber Crash, #Florida Still Welcomes Free-Range Robot Cars:…
April 2, 201804:40 PM
Rise of the robots!
After #Uber Crash, #Florida Still Welcomes Free-Range Robot Cars:
#DriveSafe #Traffic #Miami
April 1, 201805:19 PM
You don't need a New Year, a new month, or even a Monday: Every dawn is your chance to start fresh! How will you ma…

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The Borrow Law Firm is here to help you when you have been injured due to the negligence or misconduct of another. We are a small firm with significant experience and a record of achieving excellent results for our clients. Rather than taking on a large number of cases for quick, easy settlements, our focus is on you and your case. We take a personal interest in meeting your needs and achieving the results that will serve you best. The staff at our office have been together for a long time and have developed personal, lasting relationships with our clients.
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14 NE 1st Avenue Suite 1102
Miami, FL 33132

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